PILOTAGE helps families make and implement decisions that build on their family's success and achieve their multigenerational objectives.  

We believe that families can improve the odds of retaining wealth and living standards for future generations by implementing philosophies and practices of successful family dynasties.  

Our view is that the family's businesses, investments, and family office must be equally well governed and managed.  The same operating structures and practices that created the family fortune should be applied to the workings of the family office, the stewardship of productive assets, protective assets & personal assets, and the execution of philanthropic endeavors.  

We help families establish family office structure and practices that address long term strategy, governance, operations, capital allocation, succession planning, legal, accounting, tax, communications and training.  The decision making process is values based, scenario tested, and focused on long-term results. Depending on the need or circumstance, we can work on a project basis, on an outsourced expertise basis, or on a permanent basis.  We can work directly with families or with the professionals and intermediaries who provide them with services.