About Us

We specialize in wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals and families with complex cross-border challenges.


PILOTAGE is team owned and we pride ourselves on having an exclusively client fee-based business model. As a result, we are truly independent. Our independence makes us robust, innovative, and guarantees you conflict-free, clear-headed investment advice.


We place you at the centre of the planning process, in control, building an investment strategy around you and your unique circumstances. We spend time getting to know your goals, values, ambitions and constraints: we do not try to fit you to an existing mould or standardized solution.


The PILOTAGE team is comprised of individuals facing the same challenges as our clients. We are multi-nationals, with U.S. interests and exposures. Our professional and personal backgrounds give us a specialized understanding of the increasingly complex U.S. cross-border, regulatory and tax frameworks that impact your wealth creation and preservation.