Asset Management

At PILOTAGE we offer both Advisory and Discretionary mandates so our clients are able to determine theor role and participation in the portfolio management process.

To capture diversified sources of investment return, we apply a Core & Satellite approach to asset management.

In our view, the road to investment success lies in identifying and balancing the risks that deliver reward. Anchored in academic research, our core portfolios seek to capture consistent, long term risk premiums in a diversified, cost effective manner. We believe that most public capital markets are efficient, but understand there are investments that potentially offer superior, non-correlated, risk adjusted returns. Satellite strategies act as complementary instruments to our core portfolios and are designed to have distinct risk/return attributes.

As an ongoing process, our Investment Committee actively monitors global capital markets for asymmetric risk vs. return opportunities. These opportunities may be as simple as optimal times to rebalance factor exposures or the addition of asset classes which provide non correlated return streams.