Enterprising Families

Our clients are business owning families focused on the successful stewardship of family resources and on maintaining harmony and unity in the family.

 Our clients invest their resources productively for the benefit of society, to support their lifestyles, and to provide opportunities and advantages for family members in future generations. Through the prudent use of their private capital and a long term vision of stewardship, our clients compound their wealth through the long-term ownership, improvement and inter-generational transfer of productive assets.

One reality that enterprising families face is that their family's expenses and financial commitments tend to grow faster than the total return rate they can earn from their passive investments.   This gap between investment performance and expense growth widens over time.  It does not take very long before a family starts losing its advantages and sees its resources greatly diminished. Our clients are among the few families who overcome these challenges.

Another issue is that most families' succession plans are not well-aligned with the lifecycle of the businesses they own or the management of their long term investments. Consequently, families who own a successful business or manage portfolios of businesses sometimes feel that these businesses actually control them. Our clients have mastered the art of balancing family needs, business lifecycles, and investment time horizons.

Whilst these common challenges are difficult enough to overcome, most global business owning families also face the added challenges of dealing with cross border opportunities and risks.  PILOTAGE, as the global advisor, guides our clients through all the complexities and towards simplicity.