Private Clients

Our private clients are global citizens with a common need for effective advice and solutions to enable them to:

  • Preserve, protect and transfer wealth
  • Manage risks through diversification and wealth structuring
  • Grow and protect their businesses
  • For all US persons, to manage wealth in a manner that is compliant with US regulations and optimized from a US tax perspective.

Our clients most fundamentally have in common an exposure to international factors that impact their wealth management approach and needs.

Where clients differ is in the extent of their international exposure and corresponding need for global advice and solutions.   The pure domestic aspects of a client’s wealth profile are best and most efficiently handled by local wealth providers.  These local providers, however, are not best positioned or equipped to address complex, cross-border wealth issues that may arise.  With such issues, the potential for costly mistakes is high, as advisers may not possess the global knowledge and network needed to create effective solutions.

For each client, PILOTAGE assesses international exposures, covering areas such as:

  • Passports, residences, and real estate holdings for the client and family
  • PILOTAGE is highly specialized in helping US clients.
  • Needs for asset protection based on potential risks on asset holdings arising from personal or business situations
  • Investment interests in public markets and private deals and structures
  • Business interests and exposures outside of the country of residence
  • Tax impacts arising in international jurisdictions from existing wealth structures outside of the home country and business activities

We are always pleased to discuss with interested parties their level of international exposure and to help them think about potential ways to address it.