Private Clients

Our clients are enterprising, high net worth individuals and families:

  • American citizens with international assets
  • American expatriates
  • International families or individuals with assets or business interests in the U.S.

We provide you with wealth management strategies that align with your personal, business and family values and successfully overcome the challenges of holding assets and interests in multiple jurisdictions.

A strategy to maximize wealth

Our single goal is to grow and strengthen our private clients' wealth. We achieve this through a combination of investment management, wealth structuring, and asset protection strategies expertly tailored to their individual needs.

We want our clients to be fully informed and empowered in their investment decisions. It is why we spend considerable time getting to know their personal values, goals, constraints and ambitions.

Cutting through cross-border complexity

We understand the challenges of having business and personal interests across multiple jurisdictions. We have significant expertise in optimizing our clients' assets for tax, currency, immigration and regulatory purposes.